The Best of Citrus Heights 2021!

Voting Started April 1st and ended May 31st

The Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce invites you to participate in the annual “Best of Citrus Heights”. This program celebrates the best businesses from over 40 different categories throughout the community. Eligible businesses are located in Citrus Heights or are current members of the Citrus Heights Chamber.

If you have a business located in Citrus Heights and want to be added to the Best of Citrus Heights voting site, click below to nominate your business.


Voting for the Best of Citrus Heights contest is simple:

  1. Find the Category you want to vote for
  2. Find the business you want to vote for
  3. Click their bubble next to their name
  4. Click the green Vote button

We encourage you to vote in more than one category, and to also share on social media or email!

These are rules you need to abide by in order to vote:

  • A vote can only be cast once for each business sector (each poll).
  • Only one person is allowed to cast a vote, per IP address
    • This means that only one person in your household can vote.
  • Results are monitored to ensure fairness. 
  • Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to:
    • Impose futher restrictions
    • Clear all results for a business sector.
    • Make a result decision in the case of gaming / fraud.
  • Voting on a mobile device is subject to the same rules.
  • By voting, you consent to sharing non-personal identifying information such as IP addresses, and cookies.

This happens when someone on the same network (office network / computer, home) has already voted.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you are in an office environment, and someone votes on their work computer. If you then tried to vote on a different machine, since someone from your office has already voted, you cannot vote from your office.

If you would still like to vote, feel free to vote via your mobile phone’s web browser, or at home.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

You are able to vote once for each category.

For example: you can vote for Best Car Wash, and then vote best Veterinarian. You are not however allowed to vote for a category like Best Car Wash more than once for the entire contest.

We DO encourage you to get friends to vote for businesses they believe represent the Best of Citrus Heights.


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